East and Company is a specialist private equity and advisory firm focused solely on Australia and New Zealand’s SME market.

East and Company’s philosophy is to partner existing SMEs and provide assistance in enhancing enterprise value, providing risk funding and contributing management experience, ensuring the business’ survival and inherent value is maximised and accelerated.

Key aspects of East and Company’s business model are:

Investing equity as a minority shareholder in times of stress or unusual opportunity for the business

Helping implement management practices which:


-  optimise cash flow


-  leverage opportunities for the business’ immediate and long term gain

Maximise the business’ value

Entering, enhancing and exiting the partnership within a three year period or less

Businesses can be at any of a variety of positions in their growth cycle but East and Company’s partnership interventions are typically triggered by the following examples:

Cash flow crisis

Unexpected jumps in the need for growth funding or working capital

Ownership change or management disruption

Large project opportunities controlling the business

Unsolicited acquisition approaches

Wind up action

Other forms of stress on the business

East and Company is dedicated to working alongside their partners to achieve these goals for the benefit of all parties. Combined with East and Company’s experience and extensive business network throughout Australasia and Asia, partnerships can be close or hands off depending upon the business’ market positioning and needs.

For further information contact Nick Dowling on nick.dowling@eastandcompany.com